Venturing into the Wild

Venturing into the Wild: From Black Rock to Namibia and Beyond

Reflect on what inspires and challenges you, and prioritize those experiences in your life. Use this post as a reminder to prioritize those experiences and make room for them in your life.

So back in August of 2022 my dream of becoming a Black Rock Ranger finally came true after having to wait two years through the pandemic as official burns were postponed.

I found the way the Rangers go about conflict resolution and resource management to be most enlightening, and highly in line with how I've always tried to live my personal and professional management life.

First, do nothing.

Evaluate the situation, will me getting involved make things better or worse?

If I need to get involved, how can I help the participants find their own solution to this problem on their own by holding space and leveraging social capital.

And finally, only when necessary bringing in additional resources.

This experience of Rangering was as life changing for me as when I attended my very first Burning Man, and I've been consistently looking for new ways to contribute.

And this brings us to the trip.

I'm headed to Namibia to help Ranger (and build infrastructure) for the first permanent Namibia Burn, which is beyond exciting for me as I love the ethos of the burning man community and the idea of helping in some small way expand it's reach is exhilarating.

We'll then be traveling on a walkabout safari for two weeks headed down to Cape Town South Africa to ranger for AfrikaBurn, an already established and thriving regional burn that I've wanted to participate and contribute to for years.

In total I'll be gone for five weeks. And I feel incredibly fortunate that I have the flexibility to be able to go after such a life changing experience and still be able to have my businesses running smoothly because of the teams I have in place.

So what was the point of this post besides me venting my excitement?

Well, going into the weekend ask yourself.

What it is that sparks a fire in you.

Whatever helps you grow.

Whatever challenges you to become more of your authentic self.

I challenge you to think about it, and ask yourself if you're setting yourself up to be able to go after more of that in the future, or if your current job/business/etc is on a path where opportunities like that become more and more distant.

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